Here They Go Again – Iran and Hamas

For those who struggle to understand Israel’s concerns about Iran, here’s another reminder.

Iran is funding the re-tunnelization of Gaza and the replenishment of the Hamas rocket arsenal.

At least the strategy makes sense.  Both Iran and Hamas seek Israel’s destabilization and destruction.

WSJ Opinion



Iran Rekindles Relations With Hamas

A rift between Tehran and the terrorist group in Gaza has been repaired, and aid is flowing again.

By Con Coughlin.  Mr. Coughlin is defense editor of the Telegraph (U.K.) and the author of “Khomeini’s Ghost” (Ecco, 2009).

April 21, 2015 online/April 22, 2015 print


Iranian funds “are being used primarily to help Hamas rebuild the network of tunnels that were destroyed during the Israeli Defense Force’s response to rocket attacks launched by Hamas militants from Gaza last summer.”

And, “the Palestinian brigades are also replenishing their depleted stocks of medium-range missiles.”

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