Want An Effective Way To Counter BDS?

Logo Source: Times of Israel.

Logo Source: Times of Israel.

Questioning BDS

Guest Blogger – Jonathan Carey

June 20, 2015


Are there any other proven methods that might work better to reach an audience?

I think so, however I had to learn and relearn what might be one of the most effective methods at least three times during my life before the lesson stuck.

First, I learned it helping some of the best trial lawyers in the country persuade jurors to win more than 2000 trials over 24 years.  Then, I learned it from Benjamin Franklin who used the method to disarm and change the minds of his political adversaries.  Finally, I learned it again from a non-Jewish woman, who used the method to single-handedly defeat BDS on her campus after she had studied the track record of other responses.

What is the method?

Read Jonathan Carey’s Blog Post, Questioning BDS.

Jonathan Carey is Founder of BlueStarPR, a 501c3 nonprofit which uses visual media to build support for Israel’s case as a Jewish democracy within secure, recognized borders. He is a frequent speaker and contributor on Israel advocacy and visual persuasion. Jonathan is also the President of LegalVision, a litigation graphics consulting company.
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