The Palestinian Case Against BDS

The Palestinian Case Against BDS

By Bassem Eid

June 25, 2015


Everyone appears to have an opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  As I learned on a recent trip, South Africans especially display an interest in solving the problem, even more, or so it seems to me, than the Israelis and Palestinians themselves.  And others far away point to the South African history of apartheid as a warning to Israel about its occupation or alleged discrimination against Palestinians.

Unfortunately, almost all of those so ostensibly dedicated to finding a solution have their own agendas, and these may not be to the advantage of either Palestinians or Israelis.  A prime case in point is the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement.  As a Palestinian dedicated to working for peace and reconciliation between my people and our Israeli neighbors, I do not believe that they are helping our cause.  On the contrary, they are just creating more hatred, enmity, and polarization.

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Bassem Eid is a human rights activist, political analyst, and commentator on Palestinian domestic affairs.
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