A Level of Military Decision-Making Perhaps Unseen in World History

Memo to critics of Israel: watch this video.

We’ll skip talking about:

  • a country’s right to self-defense; and
  • that a government’s primary mission is to protect its citizens; and
  • what a nation should do when surrounded by entities committed to its destruction, who possess the military wherewithal to kill indiscriminately, and have attempted to do so.

We’ll also skip discussions about Israel’s neighbors refusing to negotiate, being unwilling to compromise, and utterly disregarding the need to prepare its peoples for true reconciliation and peace.

As for the baseless, reckless charges about targeting civilians and disproportional military actions, which are so often grounded in pure anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hatred, we’ll skip that, too.

Just watch this video.  We know how difficult it is to change the minds of Israel’s critics, but if even one person takes the time to see things at least a bit differently, that’s progress.

Just watch the video.

Learn more – video background.

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