The Israeli Consulate in Shanghai Creates the Film “Xie Xie Shanghai”

Credit: Consulate General of Isarel in Shanghai.

Credit: Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai.

“This film is a token of appreciation to Shanghai and to the Chinese people from the people of Israel.

The Israeli people will never forget how the Chinese people came to our help during our darkest hour.  It is here, in Shanghai, where Jewish refugees could find shelter from the Nazi regime.  It was here, in Shanghai, where Jewish refugees were received in open arms by the Chinese people.  It is only logical that we should express our gratitude.

We created this film in hope that as many people in China and around the world can see it and feel our deepest wishes of gratitude to them.  We sincerely hope that this film will help to strengthen the friendship between our two nations.  This is a friendship that was forged not only at good times but also at the Jewish people’s hardest hour, the holocaust.”

Mr. Arnon Perlman – Consul General of Israel in Shanghai


In response, China Radio International produced a video in which Shanghai locals hold signs in Hebrew saying “You’re welcome,” “Don’t mention it,” and “Happy to help.”

Watch video here.

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