Israeli PM to United Nations: Stop Obsessive Bashing of Israel


But one of history’s most important yet least learned lessons is this: The best intentions don’t prevent the worst outcomes.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Address to United Nations, October 1, 2015


Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, United Nations, 10/1/2015. Credit: UN TV screen grab.

Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, United Nations, 10/1/2015. Credit: UN TV screen grab.

Israel’s Prime Minister delivered a passionate address to the world today at the United Nations in New York.

Among his comments:

>  So here’s my message to the rulers of Iran: Your plan to destroy Israel will fail.  Israel will not permit any force on earth to threaten its future.

>  And here’s my message to all the countries represented here:  Whatever resolutions you may adopt in this building, whatever decisions you may take in your capitals, Israel will do whatever it must do to defend our state and to defend our people.

>  But in Israel, we never forget one thing. We never forget that the most important partner that Israel has, has always been, and will always be, the United States of America.  The alliance between Israel and the United States is unshakeable.

>  I am prepared to immediately, immediately, resume direct peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority without any preconditions whatsoever.  Unfortunately, President Abbas said yesterday that he is not prepared to do this.  Well, I hope he changes his mind.  Because I remain committed to a vision of two states for two peoples, in which a demilitarized Palestinian state recognizes the Jewish state.

Read Prime Minister Netanyahu’s full speech.

Watch the speech. 

Plus, why did the Prime Minister pause his speech for about 45 seconds after these remarks?

“Seventy years after the murder of six million Jews, Iran’s rulers promise to destroy my country.  Murder my people.  And the response from this body, the response from nearly every one of the governments represented here has been absolutely nothing!
Utter silence!  Deafening silence.”  Watch here.

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