YouTube Removes Hamas Channel After SWC Protest

Credit: Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Credit: Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Media Briefing Urges Social Network Giants to Bar Palestinian Online Terror

At a press conference today [October 15 2015], Rabbis Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper urged the public to report hate sites (at on social media platforms which are fueling the current spate of attacks in Israel.

Center officials announced that SWC protests have led to the removal of additional pro-terrorist postings from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

The Rabbis also denounced:

• The unfair and one-sided portrayal of Israeli terror victims in the media
• The U.S. State Department’s outrageous depiction of the current situation as a “cycle of violence” – “It is not a cycle of violence, but a campaign of Palestinian violence,” Center officials declared.
• The use of social media platforms to celebrate murderous attacks against innocent people and instructional terrorism tutorial videos
• The BDS’ movement’s endorsement of the barbaric acts of terrorism and renewed calls to boycott Israel

View:  Simon Wiesenthal Center Digital Terrorism and Hate Project

Source: Simon Wiesenthal Center

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